Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Canola 2.0 Photos Screens

the feature that most catched my eyes when I saw the first canola 2.0 presentation from the design team, was the pictures screens!

lucky me that had the opportunity to take part in the challenge of transforming a beautiful and smooth flash animation into a real usable application on the maemo platform :) I worked on the three photo screens that are previewed below:

these screens push the hardware (memory and processing) capabilities of the maemo devices to its limits, but that is a good thing!

wait for some videos of these photos in action (these screenshots are from my desktop)



Kenneth Rohde Christiansen said...

poxa, essas fotos da vontade de ter ferias... and this is a good thing ;-)

John said...

Hope you and the team get the "ok" soon! Still on the edge of my seat!

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