Monday, December 04, 2006

Podcast for Remote Education

for those who might be interested in taking courses in berkeley:

the lessons of several courses are available in audio and video formats for streaming and downloading. it is very interesting!!!

who said distance learning is going to happen in the future may be missing the present.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

some days off

after the accelerator workshop finished, we (andre, gustavo, fernando, me) joint guilherme (he is currently living in Levillenoveau, Belgium, doing his MBA) and took 10 days off traveling from London to Paris and Barcelona.

It was really cool to travel with these mates around europe! the weather was cold and we had just 1 day of snow, but besides that we have nothing to complain about...this trip was just awesome :)

I put some pictures of this trip in my just created flickr ( page: It seems to be a cool image tagging software, check it out!


PS: just a nerd comment...
now I really miss some software that would agregate all the experiences I would like to share about my trip, it would be a joint of blog, image sharing and social software (to meet and keep in touch with new friends around the globe). that´s why I think that the idea we are working on since the imagine cup would really enhance your travel experience! let´s wait for the travelreach...I will tell more details about our project later on.

Workshop Finished

Now the workshop promoted by British Telecom in UK is already over and I am back to Recife.
It was an awesome time to work, travel and have fun with some great new friends!

During the 2 weeks of work in the workshop we had the opportunity to extend our imagine cup projects with the excellent support of British Telecom and Microsoft, thanks to all the folks that organized this event.

In the last day there was a presentation of all teams and in the end the teams could vote among themselves to select the best projects. All the projects were really incredible and I am proud that the brazinglish (the brazilian and the english teams merged during the workshop) was the winner together with Serbia (cheers to Kosta and Milos!)

I would really like to see all the ideas that came up during this workshop turning into reality!

meanwhile, keep walking.

Monday, January 16, 2006

UK Experiences

hi guys,
look below what we have done so far, beside working :)

here is our daily traditional english breakfast. a bit too heavy for me...

I standing in the entry of the tunel! we went to the biggest kart in the UK, this was just the best kart ever!!! I won't tell more, because otherwise you will envy me forever :P

some relax time playing xbox 360, it's really cool! we have just been playing gotham race (very good) and perfect dark (this game is crap)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BT Workshop

We were invited by BT (British Telecom) to present and extend the project developed for the Imagine Cup 2005 in a workshop organized along with Microsoft.

It's currently winter here in Reading, a city 40 minutos from London. Unfortunately, despite the cold weather we are not going to see any snow.

Since the arrival, we have had some trainings from BT on their technologies and infra-structure and now we are working on extending the project.

here are some pictures of us in the front of the hotel and beside the Tamisa River in London!!!

So far it's been lots of fun!
Tonight we are heading to London to go to a Kart with all the people that are participating in this event. I hope that my racing in Brazil with my friends in INdT will show valuable today :P

now let's go work.