Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hall is back!

Hall is the short for Hallyson. He just arrived yesterday from a 1,5 week trip to Finland, where he had the opportunity to participate in a DVB-H course by Nokia.

He brought us some nice toys direct from Finland!

Alex happy with the new 7710
The phone in the picture, that Alex is holding, is the Nokia 7710. Now we have 2 of them (the picture was taken by the other 7710)! This phone has a dvb-h receiver on the backcover and is a full featured mobile tv.

soon we will be deploying our mobile tv lab and the 7710 will receive the content live, I can't wait anymore. This will be the first mobile tv lab in Brazil and probably in South America, there are few pilots and test beds of this new technology around the world.
Now we are very excited to start playing with our new toys in action!


here is one late post about our last Kart race! It was really amazing, in the begining I was a little afraid, but that feeling changed fast and suddenly I was trying to do my best, but it was a little bit late :) I finished in the 6th place out of 8. Luckunko was the big winner!

now we are organizing the INdT World Kart Championship, with 12 races and a big prize (we just don´t know what)

INdT pilots (from left to right): Alexsandro, Master Luckunko, Leo, Andre, Coxinha, Cidorvan, Edu e Osvaldo