Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fullwork at Canola 2.0 pre-release

we are now working at full speed in order to release canola 2.0. a lot of new features are being implemented, and unfortunately we are not having much free time to report back to the maemo community our work in progress.

I have been working since the beginning of the project with the download manager, the new canola media player, code-named "atabake" and more recently with the UI of the photos screens.

next week we will start posting some screenshots of the features of canola 2.0: podcasts, media player and photos browsing have been through a major "ramp up"

and despite the new look and feel and the features added, canola 2.0 keeps the original spirit: a simple, yet powerful and sexy portable media aggregator.

hope you enjoy the outcome of this project!


John said...
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John said...

First, Congradulations to the team! I'm sitting in Baltimore, MD an hour and half before the release at 10:00 pm Recife time on the edge of my chair!

Second, Living in a free and open world is what it is all about. Yes even with software.

Lastly, I applaude you and the teams contribution to the free and open world most of us enjoy!

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