Sunday, February 05, 2006

Workshop Finished

Now the workshop promoted by British Telecom in UK is already over and I am back to Recife.
It was an awesome time to work, travel and have fun with some great new friends!

During the 2 weeks of work in the workshop we had the opportunity to extend our imagine cup projects with the excellent support of British Telecom and Microsoft, thanks to all the folks that organized this event.

In the last day there was a presentation of all teams and in the end the teams could vote among themselves to select the best projects. All the projects were really incredible and I am proud that the brazinglish (the brazilian and the english teams merged during the workshop) was the winner together with Serbia (cheers to Kosta and Milos!)

I would really like to see all the ideas that came up during this workshop turning into reality!

meanwhile, keep walking.


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