Monday, November 07, 2005

DVB-H in Brazil

Since November 1st 2005 the INdT´s
DVB-H Lab is operational transmitting live tv over the air!!!
This is the first transmission of this new mobile digital TV standard in latin america.
It is really cool to see the mobile TV in action in what is going to be the future "cell phone" devices, if we can still call these gadgets a cell-phone...
look at this just released multimedia phone from Nokia, the N92 is the first phone to have an integrated DVB-H receiver for the mobile tv + wi-fi + bluetooth + IR + USB2.0 + memory slot for 2GB + 2MPixel Camera.

these 2 pictures are from this new device, in the left one is watching the Brazilian soccer team playing (no, unfortunately this is not in my hands :) and the other picture (right) is the same phone unfolded.

the future is near


Aynon Doyle said...

Hi Sobral, I am interested in finding out more about the introduction of DVB-H in Brazil. Particularly if roll-out has started, what operators are involved and if regulator has launched in policy in this reagrd. Please contact me at, I am based in South Africa.

Thank you

sobral said...

hi aynon,

here in brazil no roll-out has started.
actually the situation is even worse:
there is no standard for terrestrial digital tv (~90% of tv in brazil).

the choices are: DVB-T (european), ISDB-T (japanese), ATSC (american) or a own brazilian standard (not very likely to happen).

so the adoption of dvb-h is dependent on the DVB-T (that would be in my opinion the best standard for brazil), but the broadcasters here are in favour of the ISDB (and have large political support). it's been a kind of "war" lately for this choice and the result is expected to show off soon.
let's wait and see!

how is the situation in south africa?

cheers, leo

Simon Turner said...

Hola DVB-H, Asta la vista DVB-H
Now that the EEC has officially endorsed DVB-H as the mobile TV technology for Europe, it looks like we will soon all be watching terrestrial and satellite TV on our mobile phones. Nokia is ahead of the game as the Nokia N96 and Nokia N97 are both DVB-H ready. But will we be all watching TV on our mobile device, I think not... With the majority of new handsets (not the I-Phone) are able to stream Active X clips directly form the internet and have 3G mobile technology that allows download speeds of up to 2.4Mbps and 3.5G standard called HSDPA that boosts speeds to as fast as 7.2 Mbps, this together with telecommunications companies providing media content over the internet such as the BBC with the BBC I-Player and service providers such as T Mobile offering unlimited internet access for a pittance, I believe that DVB-H has already been superseded before it even gets released.... read more at leo-kesho

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is great! Dispells
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Anonymous said...

Ah, This is perfect! Dispells
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Anonymous said...

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