Thursday, October 06, 2005


here is one late post about our last Kart race! It was really amazing, in the begining I was a little afraid, but that feeling changed fast and suddenly I was trying to do my best, but it was a little bit late :) I finished in the 6th place out of 8. Luckunko was the big winner!

now we are organizing the INdT World Kart Championship, with 12 races and a big prize (we just don´t know what)

INdT pilots (from left to right): Alexsandro, Master Luckunko, Leo, Andre, Coxinha, Cidorvan, Edu e Osvaldo


Igor Gatis said...

Olhando rapido pra foto a impressao que dah eh que soh tu tava correndo! :p

Where was it? I thought there was no Kart places any more in Recife...

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